Project Summary


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Client Details

The Retail Mutual provide an alternative insurance to people related specifically to the retail trade sector.

Project Highlights

189% Increase in Organic Traffic

237% Increase in Conversions

Customer Journey Improved

Revamped Online Presence


The Retail Mutual had an outdated website and wanted this updated to have a modern feel. Many user were half filling out quote forms and dropping off and they wanted this addressing.


Working closely within The Retail Mutual’s brand guidelines we not only created a website that conveyed them well as a company but also gave life to their online presence and implemented modern design techniques to give the website some added flair. We also took a look at the forms and re-structured these to be more engaging.


The website launched and the has seen a much higher rate of interaction in terms of quote forms being filled out to end where people were previously dropping off.

Visual Highlights

Customer Testimonial

Bird Marketing was very good at pointing out better ways to do things. When I brought something in, they would suggest why it wouldn’t work out in the best way with valid reasons and recommended better ideas. It was solution focused.

Zoe HewittDigital Marketing Manager, The Retail Mutual