Project Summary


  • WordPress
  • Three.js


  • Web Design
  • Hosting
  • Ongoing Support

Client Details

Angel Champagne are a high end luxury champagne producer. Sourcing only the finest grapes and through their own specific blend they have attracted many customers including some A-List celebrities!

Project Highlights

Page Speed Increased 254%

154% Increase in Enquiries

Bounce Rate Reduced 33%

Revamped Online Presence


Angel produce a high end luxury champagne and felt their website was lacking their premium feel.


We re-created Angel’s website, ensuring we kept close to the brand guidelines whilst adding some design flair to given it a premium feel and bring it into the modern era.


Angel are extremely happy with their new website and even sent a bottle of bubbles as a thank you!

Visual Highlights

Customer Testimonial

Bird Marketing have produced a website we are proud to showcase. We are impressed with the way they have bought a feel for our company through to the website.

Ryan PlattManaging Director, Angel Champagne