FREE Mock Up Template – MacBook Pro PSD Mock Up

By January 15, 2018 September 21st, 2018 Freebies

Mock Up Template

This easily editable PSD mock up template is perfect to showcase your website, logo or even text. Simply download the PSD file and replace the default text with your own. You can even replace an image to ANYTHING you wish. This clever mock up template will map around the image you input. This template is used by professional web designers and marketers to help showcase work.
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Free MacBook Mock Up Template

Below are some examples of how you can take advantage of this FREE PSD template.
Macbook Mock up with text
mac book psd mock up
Macbook Mock up with an image
mock up template

Mock up template support

I hope you love this cool mock up as much as we do. If you need any help or support, please get in touch with us and we can guide you.
Please note, you must have a working copy of Photoshop in order to open our PSD Mock Up.
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Why use a mock up template?

Mock ups are used to visually display images, screenshots or texts in a life like setting. This particular mock up would be ideal for a web designer. A web designer could easily take screenshots of their design to send to a client. This gives the client a perspective of what a website will look like on a desktop machine. Another good use for this template is to showcase your branding. The image above shows that we have taken advantage of this mock up by including our own logo. This mock up is great as it allows for more brand power and a higher sense of professionalism.